Escudo Iberia

Range of Activity

Established as a collaboration and integration of partners whose beginning of activity dates back to the 80s. It has a permanent preocupation with technological innovation of the productive process and also the finished product, ESCUDO IBERIA provides its Clients with all types of new solutions in the area of coatings:

Thermal Spraying (HVOF, APS, EAWS), Electrodeposition, Polimerous, Elastomeric, Composite, PVD and Laser Coatings.

The firm´s activity is based on the research and development of solutions for the treatment of industrial components for both rotating and static equipment, as a result of product specification or R&D operations. It is intended to augment the duration of the components and consequent reliability with a reduction of costs and an increase of overall productivity. The model is identified in agreement with the following sequence: Research – Development – Production – Final Inspection.

The company also dedicates itself to the development of technical components, specializing in ceramic materials, carbides, superalloys and also selection of materials for projects involving termal treatments as well as industrial engineering activities.

The company´s activity is diversified and wideranging throghout industrial sectors such as: Food, Automotive, Aeronautic, Ceramic, Stamping and Printing, Energy, Tool Rotating and Drilling Cuts, Mecatronic, Metalomechanic, Metalurgic, Mining, Extrative Industries, Naval, Paper, Petrochemical, Plastic, Chemical, Steel, Textile and Glass.