Quality Policy

ESCUDO IBERIA states its compromise with the satisfaction of its clients, suppliers, collaborators and value chain in general, making use of responsible industrial practices with high consideration for all integral parts and transparency in its actions and activities.

We feel that competitiveness among companies is ever more differentiated through industrial satisfaction, guiding actions which lead to the increase of new clients and the keeping of present ones in a way which stimulates the measurement and evaluation of the levels of satisfaction thus becoming a main task in the management of ESCUDO IBERIA.

From context analysis, entrepeneurship and leadership in technological solutions in the area of technical coatings, ESCUDO IBERIA has a high potencial of activity in the diversification, conception and development of new solutions which converge in the reinforcement and betterment of industrial reliability.

It is the aim of ESCUDO IBERIA to ensure the development of personalized solutions of differentiated quality to meet the specific necessities of the industry with criterious execution of agreed delivery dates, outlining sustainable actions with emphasis on ethical behaviour, health and well being of its collaborators while also continuously perfecting the prevention of accidents, work conditions, social development and the respect for the rules of environmental protection.

We want to value all, maintain and reinforce the acknowledgment in a work environment as a team and a global pledge where constant improvement and continuous betterment of processes, activities and products are ever present objectives.