Vision – Mission – Values


ESCUDO IBERIA expects a continuous and generalized recognition as a company of reference in the development of integrated solutions for specialized components and coatings for the industrial sector, thus ensuring permanent satisfaction from both clients and stakeholders.


ESCUDO IBERIA gears and emphasizes its activity towards the satisfaction of its clients, being aware that competitiveness amongst companies is much more workable by these means, orienting actions wich lead to an increase in new clients going above and beyond whenever posible.

From context analysis, entrepeneurship and leadership in technological solutions in the area of technical coatings, ESCUDO IBERIA concentrates a high potencial of activity on the diversification, conception and development of new solutions which strengthen the performance of industrial reliability. In order to stimulate these performance and commitment characteristics the company incentivates the sharing of experiences and know-how in the scientific area, searching in each case for the most adequate procedure.


– To ensure the development of personalized solutions of differing quality for specific industrial needs with criterions for agreed delivery dates, outlining sustainable actions with emphasis on an ethical conduct, health and well-being of its collaborators and the continuous improvement of the prevention of accidents and conditions, social development and respect for the rules of environmental protection.

– The valorization of all while maintaining and reinforcing team know-how and global commitments where permanent improvement of processes, activities and products are ever present objectives.

– Responsible industrial practices with high consideration for all parts concerned and transparency in actions and activities.